Removing a tree in your area could be very hard as it has a lot of advantages for us. But sometimes, we need to come up with a decision about the disadvantage that it gives to you. There could be a lot of reasons and excuses for killing a tree. It could be about what you want to clear the area or you want to get away it because of the negative factors that it brings to you and to your house. For example, the wire of the electricity is passing by to the tree leaves and some might be very worried about this as it could cause fire or sparks when not properly remove the trees from there. In many cities, a lot of people would ask for the service of an expert to this. The tree removal could be done in various ways manually or using a machine and tools to cut them down and kill them in order not to grow anymore. Some can afford the high cost but some would not justify the reason of hiring someone if they can do it on their own. There are different styles and techniques in order for you to kill them down. You can simply let this post article be your guide in killing them.  


  1. One of the common ways that most of the people do to kill a tree is to do girdling. This is a process of killing a tree down by preventing the flow of the nutrients to the sap part from the roots of it to the entire part of the trees and branches. Some people would use a commercially available pesticide and herbicide just to make sure that the tree would be killed faster. The process of girdling is the safest and easiest method that everyone can do without buying and using the solutions and chemical agents.  
  2. You can choose the part of the trunk that you wanted to do the process of girdling. Choose the part where you can comfortably reach. You need to cut the part of the trunk, that means you need to cut a part of the bark and then open it.  
  3. Like the professional people, you need to wear safety clothes and gears in order for you to be safe. You need to do this for you not to experience any damage to your different parts. In cutting the part of the trunk of the tree, you may use different kinds of tools. You could borrow a cutting machine. Just make sure that you know how to use it well. You can also choose to use the ax or a chainsaw in giving your tree a cut.  
  4. You have to make two cuts in the part of the tree. In order to make the killing of the tree faster. You may want to choose a pesticide or an herbicide. You have to pour it to the cuts of the trees. You have to make sure that you put the solution and agents after making the cut or before the tree part becomes totally dry.