Your washing machine is probably one of those appliances in your home that’s frequently used. However, you place a quite particular investment into the equipment once you bought it. Hence, it is vital for you to do the best you can to maintain your washing machine to prevent the requirement for any appliance repair St. Louis and to guarantee that your appliance will last you for several years eventually. Even the minimal steps could create a difference in the wear and tear amount that your washer faces. Below are some of the important hacks for great maintenance for your washing machine to keep your appliance in optimal condition. Here are some of the steps to consider: 

Never overload your washer 

You must never attempt to wash too many clothes at the same time. This could overload your washing machine and it could lead to some damages. Instead, you should portion your laundry up into minimal loads as you make sure that you break them by delicacy or color if necessary. It might take you longer to do laundry in this manner. However, it’ll somewhat stop you from harming your laundry machine. 

Pay attention to the hoses 

Perhaps this is something that you do not regularly think about. However, try to check the things found at the back of your machine and guarantee that the hoses are still in great condition. They must not be cracking or bulging at all and they must be placed on lightly. 

Properly utilize detergent 

You need to ensure that you are utilizing the correct detergent type for your laundry machine. Once you’ve got a high-efficiency washer, for instance, you must be utilizing high-efficiency detergent as well.  On top of that, you have to guarantee that you are utilizing the correct amount of detergent and the correct type as well. Once you utilize too much detergent, it would retain a stubborn residue that could be hard on your washer. To prevent overdoing in on the detergent easily, pods could help. However, once you utilize a liquid detergent, ensure that you are measuring it properly before you put it into the system. 

Leave the door open 

After you’ve finished a load, you have to leave your laundry machine’s lid or door open. This can stop the unsolicited smells from developing because of the moisture that wasn’t able to or vent out of the drum or evaporate well. 


You need to wash your laundry machine out sometimes to keep it smelling fresh and clean. Do this for once a month or so. You just need to run an empty load with a few cups of white vinegar and hot water. In the duration of the wash cycle, pour ½ cup of detergent and allow the cycle to finish. This will help in killing off the mildew and germs and stop the gross and musty smell from developing up in the system. Also, you must utilize this time to wipe down your washing machine’s gasket, drum, and door.